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ProRep® is a Microsoft Windows-based multi-user productivity measurement and reporting system. Its major strength is flexibility in that it provides information about the performance, productivity, and quality of individuals, work groups, and processes. A built-in reporting system enables users to create reports customized to their own unique situation. Also included is quality tracking and reporting, which covers audits, checks, and catches.

ProRep is packed with features, easy to implement, and simple to use.  Whether it’s a single site or an entire enterprise, ProRep provides insightful information to management about their workforce.

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Optional Modules

  • External Data Interface Module (EDIM)
    Access information from WMS, Time and Attendance, Pick to Light, Carousels, and other types of systems that collect work data by Associate
  • XYZ Travel Time Module (XYZ)
    Determines the discrete time for moving from location to location
  • Incentive Pay Module (IPM)
    Uses the productivity and quality information to pay incentives to the Associates
  • Performace Policy Administration Module (PPA)
    Uses the productivity and quality information to generate correspondence for a progressive disciplinary system
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Value Added Services

(upon request)
  • Assessment & Operation Process Implementation (on-site)
  • Change Management Program: Executive Leadership -> Frontline Supervisor
  • Engineering Labor Standards & establish ongoing maintenance program
  • Inventory Optimization
  • WMS/TMS Analysis and Implementation
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Network Strategy and Transformation

Features of ProRep

  •  Track individual, team, and group performance.

  • Measure labor and track volumes by product, process, or customer.

  • Supports multiple units of measures for activities (work elements).

  • Easily compare current operational results to historical data.

  • Maintains a database of key statistics by day for several years.

  • Multi-facility corporate-wide reporting.

  • Use engineered or historical standards.

  • Integrated quality tracking and reporting, covering audits, checks, and catches.

  • Imports data from other computer systems like pick-to-light, voice picking, RF-based warehouse management systems (WMS).

  • Imports data from time and attendance systems.

  • Supports manual and kiosk entry of production records.

  • Supports real-time entry at task completion using a touch screen, bar code, proximity reader, mouse or keyboard.

  • Pre-defined and user-defined reports and graphs can be produced that cover any period of time such as a day, week, month, or year.
  • Print reports/graphs or view on screen.