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External Data Interface Module (EDIM)

ProRep’s External Data Interface Module enables ProRep to import data from other systems that capture transactional data. This includes warehouse management, pick-to-light, voice directed and time & attendance systems.

The External Data Interface Module can simultaneously work with data imported from multiple systems that are used for different purposes. For example, ProRep can import data from the following types of systems used in the same facility:

Clock-in, lunch and clock-out transactions from a time & attendance system.
Picking transactions from a pick-to-light or voice system
Put away, replenishment and other job transactions from an RF based WMS
Cartons loaded from a conveyor sortation system


An associate can use any or all of these systems during the same day. ProRep will sort all of the transactions into date and time order to get a complete sequential picture of the associate’s entire day. For a task that is not captured by any other system, an associate can use a ProRep kiosk or record the activity for key entry at the end of the shift.

With this module, ProRep can import data from virtually any software vendor’s system. There are no stringent input file requirements. ProRep needs only a flat file or any type of delimited file containing information about who did it, what was done, when it was done, how much was done and sometimes where it was done. An extensive set of data mining, logic and inference tools are included to turn a minimal amount of data into useful production information.

Features of ProRep

  •  Track individual, team, and group performance.

  • Measure labor and track volumes by product, process, or customer.

  • Supports multiple units of measures for activities (work elements).

  • Easily compare current operational results to historical data.

  • Maintains a database of key statistics by day for several years.

  • Multi-facility corporate-wide reporting.

  • Use engineered or historical standards.

  • Integrated quality tracking and reporting, covering audits, checks, and catches.

  • Imports data from other computer systems like pick-to-light, voice picking, RF-based warehouse management systems (WMS).

  • Imports data from time and attendance systems.

  • Supports manual and kiosk entry of production records.

  • Supports real-time entry at task completion using a touch screen, bar code, proximity reader, mouse or keyboard.

  • Pre-defined and user-defined reports and graphs can be produced that cover any period of time such as a day, week, month, or year.
  • Print reports/graphs or view on screen.