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In addition to this site, a general overview of Spalding Software and ProRep is available that includes details about ProRep‘s standard features and optional modules. Also included in the overview are examples of reports, graphs, and charts that are easily generated with the built-in report writer.

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If you are a ProRep customer with a current support plan, the latest version of ProRep is available to you.

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Features of ProRep

  •  Track individual, team, and group performance.

  • Measure labor and track volumes by product, process, or customer.

  • Supports multiple units of measures for activities (work elements).

  • Easily compare current operational results to historical data.

  • Maintains a database of key statistics by day for several years.

  • Multi-facility corporate-wide reporting.

  • Use engineered or historical standards.

  • Integrated quality tracking and reporting, covering audits, checks, and catches.

  • Imports data from other computer systems like pick-to-light, voice picking, RF-based warehouse management systems (WMS).

  • Imports data from time and attendance systems.

  • Supports manual and kiosk entry of production records.

  • Supports real-time entry at task completion using a touch screen, bar code, proximity reader, mouse or keyboard.

  • Pre-defined and user-defined reports and graphs can be produced that cover any period of time such as a day, week, month, or year.
  • Print reports/graphs or view on screen.